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Why is my air-conditioner not cold?

There are a few reasons why your unit is not cold,these are the most common ones:

  • • Dirty filters
  • • Blockage of cooling coil
  • • Defective components
  • • Insufficient gas level
Why is my air-conditioner leaking water?

Water condenses on the cooling coil and is collected by the condensate tray, thereafter drained through the drainage pipe. If the pipe is blocked, or condensate tray is dirty, water will be trapped, causing water to drip from your unit.

What is the recommend number of times for maintenance of my air-conditioners?

We recommend three to four times a year for maintenance of residential air-conditioners, and bi-monthly for commercial ones. However this period may differ, according to the amount of usage and location of your premises (eg. Being Near construction site may affect the air quality and thus, will need more servicing). Therefore, it is best to consult our specialists for further assessment.

Why is my air-conditioner noisy?

This may be caused by dirty / blocked cooling coil, or a loose / defective part in your unit.

Why is my air-conditioner producing a foul smell?

This is due to the smell of the room, or furniture, being absorbed into the unit and then discharged with the cold air. Please consult our specialists for further assessment.

How are you different from your competitors?

Besides servicing our clients with a personal touch, we also provide the following value-added services free of charge for all servicing jobs.

  • • We check for excessive or abnormal noise generated by the units
  • • We check the operation of electrical components in control panels / boards, clean electrical contacts when necessary
  • • We check operating pressures of compressor and ensure functionality of system

The additional effort and levels of checks ensure that our clients' air-conditioning systems are kept in their best conditions. We value our clients and are willing to go an extra mile for their benefits.